Top 10 craziest SILK stroll show stories...

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With more than 25 stroll shows in the past 15 years, we have seen our share of reckless moments. We decided to share some of those behind-the-scenes moments that our fans seldom see - where Greeks threw caution to the wind...

10. Miami in 2001. 3 strollers get arrested the night before Silk, and send their fraternity brothers to team Greekster's hotel room for legal advice. (Unfortunately, no one on the team is a lawyer so we were unable to mediate. Frats: set a curfew the day before #Silk2014.)

9. Los Angeles in 2008. A sorority stroll team was caught taking tequila shots right before going on stage. (We do not promote drinking while strolling. Ultra VIP is another story. Stay thirsty my friends.)

8. New York City in 2003, a Latina Greek (org. to remain nameless) has argues with and breaks up with her Latino Greek (organization to remain nameless) boyfriend. She gets really drunk and, by night's end, ends up messing with a couple of his frat bros (yes, a couple) in front of A LOT of greeks. (Do not bring sand to Miami Beach at #Silk2014. This event creates more drama between couples than exes.)

7. Los Angeles in 2004. Bathroom hookup between two attendees. (Silk has been known to start more babies than a Justin Timberlake or Tyrese concert. Wrap it up.)

6. New York City in 2011. Sigmas who resembled Flavor Flav, sororities who resembled Snooki - the year of the twitter stream. With keyboard cowboys and twitter thugs abound, drama ensued - read some of their tweets here. (Should we bring it back in 2014?)

5. New York City in 2002. A near altercation erupts between two very respected organizations as their audience sisters start screaming vile chants at one another. (We do not support public hating on Greeks. Keep it behind closed doors.  Keep it classy at #Silk2014)

4. Houston in 2007. A team of 5 brothers drop their pants simultaneously to show off g-strings. (There were children in the audience that day.  We do not condone public displays of butt cheeks at Silk.  Keep it rated G.)

3. Wildwoods, NJ in 2007. The morning after Silk, two sorority girls were found asleep on top of the fountain in front of their hotel. (Please bring a designated sister. Be safe.)

2. Vegas in 2013. A stroll team performs one body down as a stroller was removed from the Hotel for accidentally carrying contraband in their book bag. The stroller was told they would be arrested if they decided to return during the show. (We do not openly support performance enhancing drugs. Keep it drug free.)

1. Miami in 2014. Make your #Silk2014 experience one for the record books - July 12, 2014 at the Deauville Resort Miami Beach‎.


Have a story you would like to share?  Please email us at or post a memory that we might not know below...

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