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Building a legacy in the stroll game is not easy. It takes years of sacrifice, commitment, love, sweat and the hunger to first create the foundation. Building just the foundation never equates to establishing a legacy. Ask the Hermandad and G-Squad of the recent decade or ask the 'Salute Me' Pi Chis or Dream Team Betas of the past decade. It takes a second step of establishing the next levels on the foundation where a legacy becomes forged.


This year, we expect to see the most pivotal matchup that will define future generations of great strolling. In Miami - on July 12th, 2014, we expect to see the G Squad (Silk 2012 champion) go head to head with The Hermandad (Silk 2013 champion.) We expect to see, if Omar says yes, the New Kingz (Silk 2012 champion) go head to head with La Unidad Latina (Silk 2013 champion). That alone would make for an outstanding show, but we hear it's going to be even bigger as other teams seek to extend their legacies. 1 block away from the beautiful beach, there will surely be tons of Greek volleyball and side competitions, as in Silk years past.


We can envision that this will feel like Wildwoods all over again. We can envision that Greeks will flock to the sands and pools to 'grow their networks.' We cannot envision SIA will easily let go of a championship trophy that took them 3 months to ship* home last July. We cannot envision that LUL even brought their trophy home from Vegas.  We can envision that you will witness more great legacies being developed and more great foundations being built. 


We'll publish the infamous Silk 2014 Stroll Championship odds on March 1 so you can start filling in those brackets.



* For shipping and logistics on getting a 6' trophy home from a distant state, please reach out to Jessica Lynn Rivera of SIA.

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Comment by Greekster.tv on February 20, 2014 at 7:45pm

Ayari, we did not upload Vegas. Originality suffers when others view and imitate the stuff that took months to choreograph.

Comment by Ayari on February 20, 2014 at 2:10pm

where are the vegas videos?

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