Silk 2014: The rise of an Empire

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6 months ago, LUL broke an 11 year drought at Silk 2013, where we witnessed the return of La Unidad Latina. Last seen doing a victory lap around Vegas, LUL's NAS-T restored balance in a world that has experienced a decade-long reign of the iron Taino.

6 months ago, the Hermandad returned from a 4 year hiatus*, as if they had never left.  With a starting cast of next-generation strollers, SIA restored their letters atop mount Silk. Only a month ago, they finally got their 6' trophy home, and are preparing their title defense.
In approximately 6 months from now, a new crop of teams and strollers will use their anaylsis to try to #dethroneLUL and #dethroneSIA. The task has never been greater and only means that the months leading up to Silk 2014 should be interesting. Plus, rumors surfaced recently that a bunch of powerhouse teams and legends may return to the great stage that is the infamous Silk Stroll Championship. 
If the rumors are true, and you are an East Coast stroller reading this right now, ask yourself, can you live a lifetime without ever experiencing this stage? Do you have what it takes to #dethroneGreatness? Probably not but we'd give you distant odds. Nothing's impossible as LPC showed us in 2010 and LTA showed us in 2012. Every year, we see it happen on the sorority side as winning once is hard enough. Winning twice consecutively is damn near impossible. This might be the first repeat result at Silk in 10 years...but we'll post official odds as we get closer.
ps We wonder how many Chapters LUL has launched since their victory in July, 2013?
pps No one has updated LSU's wikipedia yet: "It should be noted they did not participate in 2008 and 2011."
* - fact check: technically they performed in 2010, but the e-mail just sounded better that way. :)

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Comment by Ayari on January 29, 2014 at 12:36pm

I never got to see those videos of Vegas

Greekster response: Sorry Ayario. We have stopped posting videos in response to the copycatting of proprietary strolls. The essence of our show has always been originality and we're going to ensure that the levels stay as high as they should be. We hope to see you at Silk 2014 :) We love you. We miss you.

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