5 years in the making - who else wants the immortal LSU vs. the inevitable LUL?

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It's been a long 5 years. June, 2009 was the last time LSU and LUL faced off on THE great stage. The last time these 2 crossed paths, Conan O'Brien was still hosting the 'Tonight Show.' Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj were on the cusp but had yet to break out. DJ PHNX was just releasing his 'This is Stroll' CD and Gamma Phi Sigma was still the world champion. 5 years is a very long time. 


When the SILK stroll championship hits the East Coast this summer, Greeks who pledged after Spring 2009 will finally get the long-awaited matchup. This would be Pacquiao and Mayweather finally stepping into the ropes, with no pay per view. Flash floods, lightning parting the skies, all over again.

LUL, who reestablished their greatness in 2013 may finally meet those notorious undefeated new Kingz on the block for a championship title. We'd still put our money on LSU but experts have already weighed in that this would be the most epic matchup in SILK history as it has been so long in the making. The world has been waiting for a choreographed battle of this magnitude. The other fraternities may need to take a year off to witness and savor this matchup as much as we will.


Let's hope the pilgrimage to SILK 2014 presents the greatness that people have grown to expect. The practices have started. Teams prepare their units. There's really no turning back from this point as sacrifices are being made:








* While we don't recommend losing your job for SILK, everyone will sacrifice something in the coming months and we have yet to really dissect the sorority category, which should be as exciting as it usually is every year.

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Comment by Greekster.tv on February 6, 2014 at 2:38am

Thanks Michael. SILK is a buildup. Information and details will follow in coming weeks. Please stand by.

Comment by Michael Bowler on February 5, 2014 at 3:16am
Beautiful video! Interesting blog. Any idea where and when Silk 2014 will be taking place??

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